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lead and Iron In deadly earnestness. It was
obvious that no living thing could long endure
their steady beat.

At noon the pelting ceased. At one o'clock
volunteers, led by James McKay (now Justice of
the Supreme Court of Saskatchewan) and William
Drain, decided to make another raid on the bluff.
The mounties themselves had been refused per-
mission to make another raid, owing to their heavy

On the first rush the volunteers were not able
to locate the hiding-place of the Indians. Well,
Indeed., had they concealed themselves beneath
their covering of brush. A second charge, how-
ever., brought them upon the gun-pit.

Here, lying In the brush-covered hole, was the
dead body of Almighty Voice.

His boy cousin Golng-Up-To-Sky was lying
In the hole wounded and alive.

According to old Henry Smith, the half-breed
who removed Almighty Voice's body to his
mother's teepee, as he had promised her he would,
one of the mounteci policemen walked up to the
hole and put a finishing bullet through the
wounded lad's head. Perhaps it was for safety,
but some of the other mounties grew angry at this
hasty act, and one of them said aloud: *A man
who could do that has no heart in him at all, and
should be shot himself/